How Can We Protect the Red Panda?

There are many ways that we can help the Red Panda:

There are many conservation projects run in the wild. The Red Panda Network are working in Nepal to help protect Red Pandas from poaching with their rangers, whilst also protecting and replanting forests. They also educate communities about how important this animal is, to lessen demand on poaching, and protect these beautiful animals. You can sponsor a wild Red Panda with them, whilst also becoming a regular donator with them, or buying their merchandise.

The Red Panda Network also runs the annual International Red Panda Day every year, encouraging people to collect donations, and raise awareness of the conservation issues this wonderful species faces each year. Here at Red Panda Life, we look forward to assist in this in 2020!

This page’s author loves hands on experience of feeding Red Pandas!

Conservation efforts also run in zoos, with the international breeding programme helping boost the numbers of Red Pandas globally. As long as you are happy with the welfare and performance at your zoo (not all zoos were created equal!), you can help by taking part in animal experiences, adopting animals, or donating the to zoo’s programmes. This money may not go directly to the Red Pandas there, but it will still go towards the running of the facility that is caring for them.

Don’t be afraid to plan your own fundraiser! Whether taking part in a marathon or a bake off, you can always arrange your own thing! Every little helps.