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#1 How many bamboo leaves does a Red Panda eat in a day?

Female Red Pandas have been known to eat 20,000 individual bamboo leaves every day!

#2 What percentage of bamboo does a Red Panda digest?

Red Pandas can only digest 24% of the bamboo it eats, that’s a lot of nutrients to lose!

#3 How many pads are on the bottom of a Red Pandas paw?

They actually have none! Red Panda paws are covered in fur to offer better grip on the wet moss on branches.

#4 What is Red Panda fur coloured to camouflage against?

The red colouration blends into the moss growing in the trees of their forests, whilst the dark under colour prevents them being seen from the ground.

#5 What is a Red Pandas diet classification?

Red Pandas are vegetarian carnivores, as they are grouped as a carnivore, but have a 98% vegetarian diet!

#6 Which animal is the Red Panda related to?

None! Though whilst in the past they were considered both a bear and a racoon, scientists found that Red Pandas actually have their own group!

#7 What is the name of the Sanrio Red Panda character’s TV series?

It’s Aggretsuko, based on the character Retsuko’s life in her job, romance, and the occasional session of death metal karaoke! You can see the animated series on Netflix.

#8 Which mountain range to Red Pandas live in?

Red Pandas live in the forests of the Himalayan corridor.

#9 Which of these is NOT an alternative name for a Red Panda?

Red cat is not a real name for the Red Panda, however some translations are Red Cat-Bear, and Red Bear-Cat!

#10 What is the average number of cubs born to a Red Panda?

Red Pandas tend to have two cubs at a time, just like this cutsie!

#11 As the original Panda, how many years after classification was the Giant Panda discovered?

Red Pandas are the original Panda, and it was 50 years before the discovery of the Giant Panda.

#12 In the wild, Red Pandas live to eight-ten years on average, but in captivity?

Red Pandas live 12-15 years on average in captivity. This tends to be because of the lack of risks including loss of habitat, poachers, and snow leopards hunting them!

#13 How old was the oldest Red Panda on record?

The confirmed oldest Red Panda, and world record holder was 21 years old (pictured above). Taylor passed away in March 2020, only weeks after breaking the record.

Unofficially, it’s reported that a Red Panda in Japan named Kusu lived until 24 years of age.

#14 How much of the day do Red Pandas spend sleeping?

Red Pandas are crepuscular – meaning they are mostly awake during dawn and dusk each day. The remaining 55% of the day, they are asleep. Sounds like a good life!

#15 What is a Red Pandas favourite food?

Of course it’s bamboo, making up 95% of their diet. They are also very partial to some sweet treats like apples and pears!

#16 How many sub-species of Red Panda are there?

There are two subspecies, though recently there is evidence to suggest they may be two seperate species… watch this space!

#17 The Red Panda is an umbrella species, which animals are under it?

All of the above! The Red Panda is a flagship species, representing the health and ecosystem of the Himalayas.

#18 What two special features of a Red Panda give them amazing balance and the ability to walk down trees face first?

Their fake thumb allows them the grip to move down the tree head first, whilst their bushy tail offers them superb counterweight to help them balance.

#19 What is the secondary use of a Red Pandas tail?

It is of course a wonderful blanket! Living up in the mountains is a cold business, and Red Pandas use their tails to wrap up warm before going to sleep.

#20 What is the name of the organisation fundraising and protecting Nepalese forests?

The correct answer is the Red Panda Network. They do exceptional things helping the native human and Red Panda populations, whilst also supporting research.

#21 Why is the Red Panda critically endangered?

All of the above. The Red Panda is hunted and poached, is losing its habitat to industry and agriculture, and due to low population numbers, inbreeding in some circumstances.

#22 Who said “They’re like a fox and a raccoon and a bear and a dog and a cat. They’re like every adorable animal in one animal.”

This was a comment by Anna Kendrick, a celebrity Red Panda fan. We think it’s a perfect description!

#23 Can Red Pandas be kept as pets?

Absolutely not! Red Pandas are NOT pets. You may find videos online, but a home is not a suitable place for a Red Panda. Equally, this also encourages poachers to meet the demands of the market.

#24 How do environmentalists help the Red Panda?

All of the above, and more! Conservation efforts would be nothing without them!

#25 Why do some wedding parties purchase illegal Red Panda pelts?

Unfortunately in some local cultures, it’s considered good luck for the Bride and Groom to wear hats made of Red Panda fur when they get married. It’s certainly not right…