Where Can I See Them?

You can see Red Pandas in many wildlife parks and zoos, as the conservation programme for these animals has become more important, and these cute animals also becoming a large draw for customers. Many institutions also offer experiences where you can meet and feed Red Panda’s.

Red Panda feeding experience at Paradise Wildlife Park, UK

Remember that Red Pandas will sleep or relax most of the day. Visiting them in earlier in the day, or towards the end of the day will give you the best chance of seeing them in action. Additionally, check in advance for any enrichment activities or feeding during the day, as they are always happy to wake up for a meal!

In the wild, it is difficult, however the Red Panda Network run a number of eco-trips each year through the forests and tea plantations of Nepal. These once in a lifetime trips allow you to try and see the Red Panda in the most natural environment to them, whilst helping fund the Red Panda Network’s projects replanting forests and hiring rangers to protect these beautiful animals.