Red Panda Experiences

A great way to help the conservation efforts around Red Pandas, whilst also indulging your own desires, is to take part in a Red Panda Experience. Available in many zoos around the world, these experiences typically allow you to “meet” a Red Panda, feeding it and learning all about your favourite animal!

This is a great chance to spend time with a Red Panda! As a crescupular animals, they are most active at twilight hours. However, they will always wake up to eat! Watch as they make their way down to you, and you can see them up close and personal. In some establishments, they’ll even eat out your hand!

Whilst solitary in the wild, Red Pandas tend to be kept in breeding pairs to help expand the population of the species. The international stud book is located at the zoo in Rotterdam, whilst the Red Panda Breeding Programme is based at the Knoxville zoo in the United States. This invaluable conservation effort allows research and building of a controlled population of the animals. Whilst Red Pandas in the wild can lose their cubs though inbreeding depression due to the lack of interaction in their territory.

Each time you complete a Red Panda experience, you are helping to fund the efforts made by each organisation in part. Larger organisations such as the Red Panda Network and the Zoological Society of London also use this funding out in the field for their different conservation projects, so your experience and any further donation is going towards so many good causes.

Check with local zoos around you to see if these experiences are available. Also, we hope to help you find the better experiences through the Red Panda Experiences Facebook group. This community shares experiences with Red Pandas, and helps people find experiences around them.